Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is such a complete dream

Life is such a complete dream
Full of pain and splendor,
And death is its utmost summit
Where we realize its wonder

What we really are?
If you ask from the universe,
It will whisper,
“A combination of energies”
And those great energies
will never leave the earth
No matter if we are alive
No matter if we are dead

Ages and ages so eagerly seek
Argued so keenly, amongst the Greek
The secret of those who are dead and gone
That, they  never leave but beautifully remain

But they are,
Blended with the rainbow as colors,
Waved in the rivers as waves,
Mixed up with winds as fragrance,
Bloomed with the wild flowers as gentle pollens,
Formed with the clouds as their miraculous shapes,
Quite with the meadows in the silence,
Tuned in songs as their soft notes,
Echoed in conversations as tender utterances,
Existed in the living men as their breath
Burnt in the revolts as the sparkling conscious

Whilst they divinely breathe and bloom
How can we say, they are dead and gone?
For what they have come, they’ll beautifully remain
For that they will live and live for long ….


1 comment:

  1. Death is nothing but the inverse of life
    And life is nothing but the inverse of death
    Where there is life there is death
    And the death embodies life at the same time