Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Harmony to Non Existence

You are the sweetest melody soaring
Making ripples in the air
Filling the still auditorium
Yes…. you
The simple truth of pure existence!

Waves over waves over waves
Like a beautiful river flowing
And then becoming tranquil

Stirring amidst the vivid colours of a ceremonial marvel
You embrace my self, ever so gently
Moving over me

Reverberant clusters of musical notes
Giving birth to the most beautiful melody
Awakening every particle of my being
Defining my self
Mesmerizing me

Lying in the heavenly ambience
That is surrounding me
Slowly, I melt
Dissolving into that bliss

The enchanting river of beauty
Soaked me, and dissolved me
Transforming me into a totally different entity
Breaking into tiny particles
Again and again
I feel myself diffusing
All over the universe

Leaving the auditorium
I enter the blissful paradise
Melting away along the horizon
With you and within you

Mixed with the infinite harmony
That crystallizes in a breath
Yet; dispersed through the universe
I become tranquil
Feeling everything
Seeing everything

Endless feelings emerge
Penetrating myself

Who can say you don’t exist
Here you are!
Yes, I can feel you
Deeply and magically
Playing within the same melody
Carrying the same rhythm
Carrying the same beat

Dissolved in a sigh
The strings weep
Releasing the pain
With each and every stroke of the bow
Caressing my existence
Embracing my body

In between the cello stings
I am being born again
My breathing stops
I start drifting into non existence

And at that moment
I am born again between the strings
From now on
I exist in a parallel blissful universe
Born from the most beautiful music

I am the dulcet tones
I feel the true beauty within
Seeing myself in that existence
And the existence is found within me

And, you …..
You are…taking me to the eternity
Lingering warm, in my breath

In the next moment
In between the cello strings The non existing me
Come to life!

*Written at a theater in the middle of a cello symphony.

Translated by : Manel Fernando

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